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Solo singing lessons in Tartu!

Updated: 3 days ago

The admission for new solo singing students in Tartu has begun. As a part of this, we welcome all interested parties to come and discover our FREE trial lessons* from 7th to 23rd of March 2023.

Read more about the solo singing class package and register today for a free trial lesson!

NB! Singing lessons are held in Estonian!


Solo singing class package (139 €/month)

A beautiful voice has a captivating effect on the listener and takes both the singer and the listener to a mystical world of emotions. Singing can significantly boost your confidence and offer ample opportunities for self-realization.

However, maybe you feel that you have not yet learned to control your voice well enough?

Perhaps you have noticed that your voice trembles, breaks, is too fragile, or doesn't "carry"?

Or maybe you experience a great deal of stage fright and don't know how to deal with it?

Have you ever wondered if singing is even learnable?

If you recognize yourself in this description, then SoundVille's soloist classes are the right place for you to start developing your voice.

Students who have chosen the Soloist package have a weekly singing class and voice training class.

In these classes, we do vocal exercises, learn about the vocal apparatus, learn songs together and separately and much more to help you become a unique singer.

In addition, we also teach how to deal with stage fright. And after some time of attending singing classes, you will feel much more confident when singing, because you know exactly what you're doing with your voice.

We have put together a wide range of options for developing your singing voice in the Soloist package.

The package includes the following: participation in the soloist singing class (60 min/week), participation in the voice training class (45 min/week), access to practice room, access to a web-based collection of vocal exercises, performance practice opportunities, access to a community network, and participation in our community events, all for only 139 € per month.


At SoundVille's Tartu studio, the singing and voice training lessons are conducted by our experienced and professionally trained singing teacher, Triin Lutsoja, who holds a master's degree in the field.

Her passion is to help you find your voice and achieve your dreams, whether it's singing for fun, performing for friends, pursuing a career in music education, or releasing your own album.


Before starting your studies, we invite you to a trial lesson, which is completely free of charge. Find the most suitable trial lesson time by checking the available times on the calendar. You can book a time here through the Calendly booking system. Upon successful booking, a confirmation letter will be sent to your email.

Free trial lessons will be held from March 7th to March 23rd 2023.

If you cannot find a suitable time slot among the available times displayed, but really want to come for a trial lesson, please email us at and we will find a solution together!

*Each interested person is allowed to participate in one free trial lesson for soloists or one free consultation.

NB! Singing lessons are held in Estonian!

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